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Cypress WalkAdd to cart A Cypress Walk: with a memoir from Freda Aykroyd £20
Add to cart Edward UpwardA Renegade in Springtime £15
PlaceholderAdd to cart David GascoyneA Short Survey of Surrealism: SLE £100
Add to cart Phyl FryA Sprinkle of Nutmeg £7.95
Add to cart Denton WelchA Voice Through A Cloud £15
Unmentionable ManAdd to cart Edward UpwardAn Unmentionable Man £5.99
Add to cart David GascoyneAnniversary Epistle to Alan Ginsberg £10
Add to cart At the Yeoman's House £15
Add to cart Ronald BlytheAt the Yeoman's House: Signed Limited Edition £85
Add to cart Edward ThomasBranch- Lines £15
Add to cart Lawrence SailCross-Currents Essays £12.95
Add to cart Christopher MiddletonCrypto-Topographia £8.95