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Read more Myra SchneiderMultiplying the Moon £8.95
Add to cart Neil CurrySome Letters Never Sent £9.99
Add to cart Paul MuldoonSongs and Sonnets £9.99
Songs of the DarknessAdd to cart Lawrence SailSongs of the Darkness £9.99
Sonnets to OrpheusAdd to cart Rainer Maria RilkeSonnets to Orpheus £9.99
Add to cart Jeremy ReedSooner or Later Frank £9.99
Stanza StonesAdd to cart Simon ArmitageStanza Stones £15
Add to cart Jeremy HookerScattered Light £9.99
Add to cart Jack ClemoJack Clemo: Selected Poems £9.99
Add to cart U.A. FanthorpeU. A. Fanthorpe: Selected Poems £9.99
Selected PoemsAdd to cart C. Day Lewis: Selected Poems £15
Selected Anthony ThwaiteRead more Anthony ThwaiteAnthony Thwaite: Selected Poems 1956-1996 £8.95
Selected Verse TranslationsRead more David GascoyneSelected Verse Translations £10.95
Read more Shift £9.99
Add to cart Simon ArmitageStill £30
Supplication: Selected PoemsAdd to cart John WienersSupplication: Selected Poems £12.99
Read more Jeremy ReedSweet Sister Lyric £7.95
Read more Judith KazantzisSwimming Through The Grand Hotel £7.95
Add to cart David JonesThe Ancient Mariner £15
Breaking HourAdd to cart Kevin Crossley-HollandThe Breaking Hour £9.99
Add to cart Myra SchneiderThe Door to Colour £9.99
The Exeter RiddlesAdd to cart Kevin Crossley-HollandThe Exeter Book Riddles £8.95
Add to cart Anna RobinsonThe Finders of London £8.99
Add to cart Martha KaposThe Likeness £9.99