Judy Gahagan

‘Ours is an ecological age and Judy Gahagan confronts its formidable challenge with a sharp sensitivity and life-wisdom. With a striking lyrical grace her poems explore not only the habitats of dispossessed people but, also, the abiding power of Nature and our creative place within it. Again and again, her poems take us beyond the global hype and connect us to an infinitely larger universe. They are essential acts of restoration and readjustment; an eco-poetics in action’

                                                     Professor Peter Abbs, Sussex University


‘Judy Gahagan’s imagination roams through many haunting and vivid landscapes. At times enigmatic, at times intimate, her poems are alive to the beautiful, the sombre and the mysterious’.

Stephen James former editor The Tabla Book of New Verse


‘ Judy Gahagan is a writer always in her own skin, always apart from what she observes yet, at the same time, imaginatively and passionately engaged with it. Her prevailing focus in this book is on strangeness and otherness. But otherness is neither assimilated to the familiar, nor rejected; it’s given a new embodiment through wonderfully fresh and accurate language’

Carole Satyamurthy

Gahagan’s poems swing between the exotically imagined and the quotidian realities we are inured to, the elusive sand-blasts of the haboob and the cash-point, all the far flung frontiers of the world and the local lean-to café. Such transitions are managed swiftly and painlessly almost before we notice they’ve taken place. Somewhere amongst them resides the ‘placeless place’ the poet hankers for, earnestly sought after and finally earned.

Tim Liardet

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