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Saint BillieAdd to cartReed, JeremySaint Billie £7.95
CandyAdd to cartReed, JeremyCandy 4 Cannibals £10.99
AnniversaryAdd to cartReid, ChristopherAnniversary £7
Duino ElegiesAdd to cartRilke, Rainer MariaDuino Elegies £9.99
Sonnets to OrpheusAdd to cartRilke, Rainer MariaSonnets to Orpheus £9.99
In SecretAdd to cartHarsent, DavidIn Secret: Versions of Yannis Ritsos £9.99
Add to cartRobinson, AnnaInto the Woods £9.99
Add to cartRobinson, AnnaThe Finders of London £8.99
Poetry Out of My Head and HeartAdd to cartRosenberg, IsaacPoetry Out of my Head and Heart £15
Add to cartRosenberg, IsaacIsaac Rosenberg: Selected Poems and Letters £15
Songs of the DarknessAdd to cartSail, LawrenceSongs of the Darkness £9.99
Add to cartSchneider, MyraThe Door to Colour £9.99
Add to cartStansky, PeterEdward Upward: Art and Life £25
Add to cartStevenson, AnneIn the Orchard £12.99
Radio WavesAdd to cartStreet, SeanRadio Waves £8.95
Poetical WorksAdd to cartSutherland, KestonPoetical Works 1999-2015 £20
Cover image of The Odes to the TL61PAdd to cartSutherland, KestonThe Odes to the TL61P £8.99
Add to cartThomas, EdwardBranch-Lines £15
Add to cartThwaite, AnthonyA Move in the Weather £7.95
Collected PoemsAdd to cartThwaite, AnthonyCollected Poems £25
Add to cartThwaite, AnthonyGoing Out £9.99
The Heart's GranaryAdd to cartSail, LawrenceThe Heart's Granary £30
Light UnlockedAdd to cartCrossley-Holland, KevinLight Unlocked: Christmas Card Poems £15
Add to cartStephen WattsAncient Sunlight £9.99