Jeremy Hooker



ISBN: 9781900564526
Format: Paperback
Pages: 109
Dimensions: 216 x 138mm
Date: 2002
Artist: Jeremy Hooker

Hooker’s Adamah takes its title from the earthling, which God created from the dust of the earth. Adamah shows a deepening of Hooker’s earlier preoccupations. Exploring ‘ground’ in the material and metaphysical senses, as nature, historical place, and ultimate reality, it is a profound questioning of the ‘human’.

The collection is formally various, and contains major sequences, including a new collaboration with the sculptor Lee Grandjean, a group of poems commemorating the lives of Hooker’s parents and his eldest brother, and the revised text of his poem for radio, Landscape of Childhood. In the words of the TLS review of Hooker’s previous collection, Adamah represents a poet ‘at the height of his powers.’


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