Dine, Jim



Dimensions: 320 x 230mm
Artist: Jim Dine, Robert Creeley
Medium: Artist’s Book
Format: Hand-bound and slipcased
Edition size: 40
Date: 2001

The poet Robert Creeley and the artist Jim Dine were friends for over thirty years. They first met in 1967 when Dine was artist-in-residence at Cornell and Creeley was teaching at Buffalo. Their mutual respect for and curiosity about each other’s creative processes led to a first collaboration, Mabel: A Story, in 1977. About that first project Dine commented, ‘I never felt like it was an illustration. I thought it was a collaboration and I made an object of his words… And Creeley embraced it.’ For this new collaboration Creeley wrote the long poem, ‘Pictures’ and Dine’s magnificent lithographs are his response to Creeley’s words.

Pictures, published in association with the Tamarind Institute in the USA, contains twelve original lithographs (one unbound) by Dine and a sequence of poetry by Robert Creeley. The lithographs were hand printed at Tamarind; the text was letterpress-printed in New York by Ruth Lingen. The books were hand bound and slipcased by Mark Tomlinson in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. The edition comprises 40 copies, of which 20 are reserved for the poet and artist.

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