Hockney, David

Soft Celia


Artist: David Hockney
Date: 1998
Format: Framed etching on wove paper

Framed etching of Celia Birtwell

Hockney said of Celia Birtwell that ‘she’s a very feminine woman, not a masculine woman, and a very sweet-natured, gentle person’. (quoted in Marco Livingstone, ‘Hockney’s People: Notes to the Plates’, David Hockney: Faces 1966-1984, Los Angeles 1987)

Hockney first met the celebrated designer in Los Angeles in 1964 and they have remained close friends ever since. Consequently, this etching is typical of the intimate Birtwell portraits with which Hockney has celebrated this friendship. She is most notably represented in Hockney’s large double portrait Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, 1970-1. This portrait is large in scale but close in its focus.

Soft Celia