Upward, Edward

An Unmentionable Man: SIGNED COPY


Artist: Edward Upward
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781870612647
An Unmentionable Man is a collection of short stories.

The first four of these short stories by Edward Upward, form a closely linked sequence – almost a single story – and could be described as ‘realistic dreams’. They are vivid and often satirical, the product of long experience, but are neither cynical nor finally pessimistic. In certain inherited ways they resemble Upward’s earlier fantasies ‘The Railway Accident’ and Journey to the Border, both published by Enitharmon.

Of the last two stories, ‘Fred and Lil’ is straightforwardly realistic and humbly sympathetic, while ‘With Alan to the Fair’ deals with love, hate and political extremism in serious and in highly comical episodes.

Unmentionable Man

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