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PlaceholderAdd to cart Rob Halpern(-------) Placeholder £9.99
Add to cart Alan BrownjohnA Bottle & Other Poems £9.99
Add to cart Martyn CrucefixA Madder Ghost £7.95
Add to cart Anthony ThwaiteA Move in the Weather £7.95
Add to cart Stephen WattsAncient Sunlight £9.99
AnniversaryAdd to cart Christopher ReidAnniversary £7
Add to cart U.A. FanthorpeBerowne's Book £9.99
Read more Jack KerouacBook of Haikus £8.95
Add to cart Edward ThomasBranch-Lines £15
Christmas PoemsAdd to cart U.A. FanthorpeChristmas Poems £9.99
Add to cart Nancy CampbellDisko Bay £9.99
Duino ElegiesAdd to cart Rainer Maria RilkeDuino Elegies £9.99
Earth's AlmanacAdd to cart Lucy NewlynEarth's Almanac £9.99
Read more Peter StanskyEdward Upward: Art and Life £25
Add to cart Maureen DuffyEnvironmental Studies £9.99
Add to cart Hilary DaviesExile and the Kingdom £9.99